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Secure document issuance solutions. Applied to solving government's toughest challenges.

​Gemalto Issuance Solutions consist of the combination of software, hardware and integration services delivered by Gemalto and enabling governmental customers to personalize and issue any secure documents like e-passports, driver's licenses or health care or national identity cards.

In the public sector, Gemalto Issuance solutions and operated services contribute to more than 40 national projects all over the world.

Gemalto has already proven its capability to offer dedicated and unique solutions ready to adapt to any legacy infrastructure. It has also shown an indisputable expertise in system integration thanks to its integration and consulting services teams worldwide.

​​Instant Issuance

Get a solution ready to use in your current environment and designed for your specific needs.

Your issuance project runs smoothly and securely 

Gemalto Secure Issuance Solutions ensure flexibility by:

  • Adapting to your specific schemes: centralized, semi-centralized, decentralized or incorporating instant issuance
  • Interacting with local players by offering integration, consulting and business continuity services
  • Integrating with your personalization equipment and PKI systems
  • Managing your documents: passports, national ID cards, healthcare cards and driver's licenses with dedicated processes and service levels
  • Incorporating the capabilities to deploy new applications at a later date thanks to ​inherently modular and extensively scalable platform design

​Get results from your solution

Experience and best practices are key assets for the success of your issuance project. 

Share the best practices with Gemalto and mobilize its experienced service teams and established partnership network to support you.

Gemalto’s experience in Public Private Partnership financing models - such as BOO or BOT - also translates into a significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership for you.

And it works.​

Document issuance solutions 

Here are a few examples of government projects that illustrate the wide variety of technologies and form factors employed by Gemalto to support the issuance of identity documents, passports, driving licenses or health care cards.

Instant Issuance for Uruguay's national eID

In January 2015, Gemalto announced that it will deliver its eID card and issuance solution to the Ministry of Interior of Uruguay for the country's eID program.

Gemalto's instant issuance solution enables on-the-spot delivery of the highly secure document from more than 20 sites across the country.

A new driver's license for Quebec​

In December 2014, "La Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec" (SAAQ) selected Gemalto to provide the new driver's license for Quebec. The complete solution combines the Gemalto Secure Documents and the field-proven Issuance Solution, both of which meet the government's goal of reinforcing identity protection for license holders in Quebec. 

Gemalto also provides the full implementation and maintenance of SAAQ's personalization infrastructure. This enables SAAQ to offer Quebec drivers a seamless and speedy renewal service when obtaining their new driver's license.

Operated issuance services for the Swedish ePassport and eID​ 

In January 2012, Sweden began issuing the second generation of its electronic passport and national eID. The same infrastructure and procedures are maintained for the National eID card as for the ePassport.

This has made significant savings possible in terms of equipment, processes, systems and staff training. Gemalto manages the end-to-end delivery process including the live enrollment solution in Sweden, production of all Swedish passports and IDs, as well as operated issuance services from its premises based in the Stockholm area.

Algerian eHealth solution: centralized issuance and back-up center ​

The Algerian national health insurance authority (CNAS) selected Gemalto in July 2006 as prime contractor to manage the entire project named CHIFA (healing), including delivery of a complete Secure Issuance Solution configured for a high volume centralized personalization environment and color photo printing by dye sublimation technique.

As of 20 April 2016, 11,645,563 CHIFA cards had been issued. With the support of Gemalto, CNAS also opened its personalization back-up site in Laghouat, located 450km from Algiers.

Oman national eID and electronic passp​​ort​

In 2013, Gemalto provided an end to-end solution to the Sultanate for the new electronic passport. The turnke​y solution for Oman encompasses Gemalto's ICAO compliant ePassport documents, and a full solution suite to enroll citizens, personalize and issue secure documents.