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The new electronic passport of the Republic of Moldova

​​​​Moldovan citizens with a biometric passport can now enjoy visa free travel to the Schengen zone for short-stays as of May 2014. This is facilitating people-to-people contacts and strengthen business, social and cultural ties between Moldova and the European Union.​

Biometric passport for Moldova

​​New Biometric passports

The new electronic passport of the Republic of Moldova integrates a microcontroller which stores two fingerprint scans, holder's digital portrait and blood type. It offers strong authentication of the holder's identity as biometrics provide irrefutable evidence of the link between the document and its holder.

The validity of the new biometric "PAŞAPORT "is 7 years.

The Center for State Information Resources of the Republic of Moldova, known as "Registru", selected Gemalto's complete ePassport booklet including its secure ICAO embedded software and electronic cover, as well as advanced visual security features. In addition, Gemalto provides support in integration services, within the existing document issuance process.​

Supplemental Access Control

​The new program will also be one of the first in the world to implement Supplemental Access Control (SAC). The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in​​troduced new cryptographic protocols for the ePassport standard, which was initially implemented in 2004.

​​Supplement access control
Adopted in 2010 and recommended for deployment by December 2014, Supplemental Access Control (SAC) improves the security mechanisms protecting the data stored in the microprocessor. SAC ensures a higher level of protection against eavesdropping and skimming when using the Basic Access Control (BAC) mechanism.

Biometric passport: a challenge for issuers

Passport issuers must be alert when searching for the right partner. To guarantee a smooth migration to SAC, it is important they engage partners and suppliers with long-standing experience of the travel domain.

Suppliers involved in the international standards and government bodies can anticipate compliance as they participate in the definition of the specifications, security proofs and compliancy requirements.


Thus they can offer strict compliancy with standards and specifications that form the basis for global interoperability.

Previous experience, especially a proven track-record in BAC to EAC migrations, will ensure a stress-free changeover characterized by best practice.

Suppliers dedicated to supporting their client's migration project, including updating issuance and verification solutions, enable them to issue SAC enabled travel documents seamlessly.

Gemalto is one such supplier, active in the ePassport market since 2005. The company provides technologies and services to over 30 national ePassport programs around the world and is geared up to help you succeed in your migration project.​