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Secures Electronic Health Records in Bulgaria

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Personal Health Records in BulgariaIn February 2010, Bulgaria began deploying a national electronic health record program to optimize, simplify and secure health treatment, information and procedures for the country’s military personnel and their families. Working in partnership with local eHealth project specialists KIM-2000, Gemalto has supplied readers, cards and middleware to the Bulgarian Military Medical Academy, the commissioning organization in charge of medical care for the Bulgarian Armed Forces.

Security and Privacy

In Bulgaria, Gemalto delivered double-slot readers, smart cards and related middleware to KIM-2000, a local company specialized in eHealth projects. 

KIM-2000 acts as prime contractor for the electronic health record system commissioned by the Military Medical Academy. 

Under the authority of the Ministry of Defense, the Military Medical Academy is the organization in charge of medical care for the Bulgarian Armed Forces. 

​This innovative system optimizes medical treatments, simplifies and modernizes procedures and increases security for accessing health information. The Gemalto card is compliant with the Identification Authentication Signature (IAS) European standard to ensure the highest level of security for accessing personal electronic health records

Gemalto’s European-compliant IAS cards are supplied to both patients and healthcare professionals.​

The patient and the healthcare practitioner simultaneously insert their cards into the double-entry Gemalto reader and type in their PIN code to enable viewing or modifying of the medical file, which is stored on a highly secure IT infrastructure. 

Theres's more.

The patient can also view his personal data online, using the Gemalto reader and card to authenticate. The personal electronic health record is a complete electronic archive of the patient’s medical history. 

  • It stores all existing medical documentation, including laboratory tests and results, X-ray pictures, all visual tests, electronic prescriptions, etc. 
  • It also contains the patient’s blood group, allergies and genetic predisposition to diseases, physicals, surgery and all useful medical information. 
24/7 availability for EHR​ functionality provided and is provider with redundant servers.

​​​Emergency and Privacy

The personal electronic health record enables healthcare practitioners to immediately access a patient’s medical data and therefore, make more accurate decisions, especially in emergency situations. A special emergency section in the electronic health record contains the most vital information for these situations. 

Robust technologies at work​

The actual implementation of eHealthcare as well as eServices in Bulgaria—including eIdentification ​and eAuthentication — demonstrates that the key components (smart cards, PKI infrastructure, authentication, etc.) of the EHR solution involve technologies that are mature, robust and unquestionably capable of delivering the results required. 

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