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Danish biometric ePassports: a secure end-to-end solution from Gemalto


In 2012, the Danish Police renewed its confidence in Gemalto.

The new generation of Danish biometric ePassports​ is implementing the EAC ( Extended Access Control) mechanism to better protect fingerprints stored i​n the microprocessor of the smart document.

All Danish ePassports issued by the country’s national police are integrating Gemalto’s ePassport secure technlogies. Gemalto is managing the entire delivery process.​

​Secure Biometric Passport

In addition to its renowned  secure ePassport software and its polycarbo​nate data page technologies, Gemalto is providing high security printing​ and passport booklet assembly and individual personalization of each document through its issuance services.

The Danish authorities have been incorporating electronic capability in all new passports since August 1, 2006. Between 700,000 and 800,000 traditional passports are issued annually.

As part of the Gemalto solution, the polycarbonate datapage includes a contactless microprocessor running an ICAO compliant​ highly secure operating system. The microprocessor carries the passport holder's digitized fingerprints and portrait as well as identity information.

Seamless Operated Services

The enrollment solution is using Gemalto’s form scanning centralized enrollment system is also an operated service delivered by the Danish local team. 

The system includes a scanner to retrieve photos, signatures or text from a paper form using optical character recognition or OCR. It locates the face and the signature. The operator can make adjustments if needed. 

The system crops and enhances the portrait and signature to optimize the quality of the sample for best output performance. 

The enrollment operated service does not change current Danish registrationprocesses for travel document enrolment based on paper forms.​

5 outsourcing benefits

Gemalto can manage all or some of the components of your ePassport production and issuance environment. 

From planning, integration and deployment to maintenance and management, Gemalto’s outsourcing and operations management solutions support every phase of your ePassport project lifecycle - and deliver powerful benefits along the way: 

  1. Agility – Increase flexibility and improve speed to serve municipalities and citizens 
  2. Value – Improve your return on investments by leveraging Gemalto’s expertise, experience and resources to implement innovative technological solutions 
  3. Focus – Save your resources to focus on your core activities 
  4. Control – Achieve greater control by reducing complexities and eliminating redundant practices to optimize operating costs 
  5. Results – Improve overall productivity and responsiveness to citizens​

The Danish police have been able to free their resources from being bogged down by functions that do not enhance their core competencies such as printing documents and management the logistics to distribute them. 

​The solution in place is a flexible and scalable model and ensures efficiency.​

Over ten years of experience in providing outsourcing services for national ID documents worldwide has helped us understand how to optimize services and ans​wer to the unique requirements of each our customer.

This model put in place in Denmark has also been succesfully implemented for the Swedish passport, Norway and Finland's new eID cards and biometric passports.

We are looking forward to sharing views on your outsourcing projects.