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New biometric electronic residence card for Denmark

​On May 20, 2012, the Danish government began issuing new biometric residence and work permit cards to non-European nationals age 18 or older, replacing the cards and stickers previously in use. Foreign nationals applying for an initial or renewed permit must submit biometrics (facial portrait and fingerprints) for authentication in person.
Applicants will also be asked to provide a signature. Applicants for residence are required to present their passport or other form of travel document​ when submitting an application.

New biometric electronic residence card for Denmark 

The new polycarbonate Gemalto's Sealys Resident cards​, compliant with the electronic Eu​ropean Residence Permit​ (eERP) specifications and the latest ICAO Extended Access Control standards is manufactured in Finland by Gemalto and personalized near Copenhagen by Gemalto Denmark.

A residence card serves as proof that an individual has Danish residence. It embeds a contactless chip which securely stores biometric data, simplifying residency entitlement verification. The contactless interface is mandatory and meets the same EU standards as biometric ePassports.