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Mobile ID in Finland

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mobile ID in FinlandOne thing that depicts an average Finnish person is the love for mobile phone technology. The number of SIM penetration in Finland went over 100% years ago and Finns are always hungry to use the latest mobile phone technology. No surprise Mobile PKI raised Finnish interest before everyone else.

This case study describes how Mobile PKI in Finland offers a very strong security framework for all parties, details the components of the new Mobile ID​ system and the benefits for end-users, service providers, mobile operators and government.

One of the greatest assets of mobile PKI and the solution selected (Valimo Mobile ID) is the ability to extend the national eID scheme in the country. Now the citizen electronic ID fits into every pocket that can hold a mobile phone. In addition, the mobile PKI SIM card adds the true mobility factor into the eGovernment services.


 Case study