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Gabon leads the way to eHealth in Africa

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eHealth in Africa

In May 2009, Gemalto announced it has been selected by Gabon’s national healthcare body, the CNAMGS, to run the West African nation’s new eHealthcare project. Gemalto is supplying a solution including cards, personalization services and an ID verification system.

An initial pilot phase is currently being deployed, and the project will be rolled out to the entire Gabonese population in 2009-2010.

Gemalto is combining its secure Sealys Laser-Secured polycarbonate cards​​​ and its Allyni​s Issuance operated services to the CNAMGS.

This new eHealth​ project, inaugurated by President El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba in December last year, illustrates the government of Gabon’s desire to spread healthcare cover to the whole population and to modernize the country’s health insurance system. The cards will be used in hospitals, pharmacies and health clinics to prove access to care while ensuring data confidentiality.

Video: The Gabon Health Program


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