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Biometric civil registry: Gabon's initiative

​​​​​​Emerging Gabon

To protect citizens from identity fraud and guarantee a more transparent electoral process, Gabon has turned to Gemalto for a comprehensive​​ biometric citizen enrollment and eID issuance solution​.

Gabon aims to build a reliable national biometric civil registry to replace paper identification with electronic documents and generate a secure electoral register ahead of the local 2013 elections.

Digital civil registry  

Featuring a single, unique identification number for each citizen, the new national biometric database will serve as a master registry to issue all citizen identification, including:

With its biometric identification program, the country is creating a new basis for Gabonese citizenship.

This initiative is key to the ambitious development strategy known as Emerging Gabon.

Towards a biometric Civil Register?

One starting point when consolidating or harmonizing the civil register is to look for the distinct element with the greatest reliability, which enables an individual to be identified. 
Biometry is a simple but powerful attribute that makes it possible to secure the link between the physical person and data.

There are many benefits that can be derived from this new infrastructure such as managing demographics more effectively, generating statistics that accurately forecast changes in population age profiles and support the necessary reform and adaption of public services.

The information is essential, for example, for municipalities and regions for planning purposes for human settlement, health, education...

As evidenced by the World Bank's ID4D initiative, identification is a core development component because it's an enabler to access health and social security, gender equality, financial inclusion and improved governance.

We sometimes take these benefits for granted and think immigration and identity management as just a normal, low value, low-security function. It is a high-value function.

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