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Gabon announces the introduction of electronic visas

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As of July 2015​, travelers to the Central African nation of Gabon can now apply for visas online.

Acclaimed ​e-Visa portal 

​This latest innovation named "e-Visa" forms part of the country's e-government projects, which are aimed at making public services more accessible.

The e-Visa project enables visitors to use the Internet to apply for a visa to enter Gabon. Regular travelers to Gabon have welcomed the government's decision to allow foreigners to apply for visas online, moving away from visa procedures sometimes viewed as complicated.

Once the request for an e-Visa is done on the web, it is processed by la Direction Générale de la Documentation et de l'Immigration (DGDI). The visa is issued at Libreville International Airport.

Visa management​ is now an essential component of a modern, integrated border management system. It is key to enhancing both security and convenience.

Gabon authorities' main objectives are to introduce ICT tools to transform and simplify administrative procedures, for both the visa applicant and the issuing authority.

The goal is also to enhance border security through the establishment of a trusted identity—based on document verification, and cross-checks of national and international control lists—during the visa application process.​

Boosting tourim and business

The new Electronic Travel Authorization system will also facilitate arrival processes, minimize airport congestion and curb visa overstays. In the long term, Gabon seeks to boost tourism and business as well.

Gemalto has been selected by Gabon authorities to develop the e-Visa project. The company is supplying a solution that includes its Visa Management solution, a full suite of service-oriented applications designed to securely manage visa applications and issue visas, eVisas and resident permits. The solution also features a convenient visa web portal for even greater ease of use, to begin the visa application procedure at home.

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