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Enabling sound migration policy with technology: Ghana's e-Immigration solution

Ghana’s migration profile continues to evolve as its rapidly expanding oil industry fuels employment and growth. To keep up with its thriving economy, the Ghanaian government recently outlined its first-ever national migration policy.

Ghana's eImmigration solution

With a new mandate to fulfill, the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) turned to Gemalto for a centralized electronic visa and border control solution powered by biometrics. 

The eImmigration solution is expected to promote and improve intelligence sharing between GIS officials and other security agencies. In a single click, GIS agents will be able to supervise automated passport inspection and track border crossing events using data captured by the system.

Goals of the new e-immigration system

The government aims to build a stronger country by operating fair but firm immigration controls that regulate and facilitate the movement of people through its borders. 

The idea is to create a positive sign to generate trust in both the travelling public and investors and to show that Ghana is a safe place in which both tourism and investments can thrive. 

New measures will be also required to support visitors and migrants to Ghana and welcome back an increasingly homeward-bound diaspora.

The goals of the new system are :
  1. to enhance service delivery to travelers
  2. improve both operational and management reporting. 

Border intelligence is key to providing information and statistics to governmental authorities. The system will be interconnected with external stakeholders like INTERPOL and APIS (Advanced Passenger Information System) and with country’s authorities such as the National Identity Agency.​

​Key components of the solution

At the heart of this system lies biometric identification technology, which will enable the biometrics of all foreign nationals to be captured to facilitate information flow and tracking.

  • Fixed and mobile border management systems deployed in 6 main ports of entry
  • Digital visa and permit application processing and issuing
  • Implementation of an online portal for visa and permit requests
  • Necessary datacenter and network upgrades
  • 10 eGate​ systems for automated border control at Kotoka International Airport
  • A robust centralized Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

Gemalto is acting as prime contractor and systems integrator for the entire project. Gemalto is to integrate the state-of-the-art visa and border management solution, providing transitional training and maintenance services.

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