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Electronic driving licence for India


​​​India, with 110 million drivers and more than 182 million vehicles in 2013, is facing many challenges related to road security, pollution and administrative burden to name a few.

2 new secure documents 

​Several Indian states are already rolling-out new secure documents, with the same dimensions as a credit card, so-called electronic driving licence​ and electronic registrati​on certificate cards, to tackle these problems.

  1. ​The electronic driver's license​ incorporates a microprocessor that securely stores the driver’s data, protecting citizens against identity theft. In addition, it conta​​​ins information on the driver’s history which is expected to contribute to a reduction in car accidents. 
  2. Similarly, statutory data about the vehicle, its registration, its owner, vehicle insurance and pollution control certification is stored in the microprocessor embedded in the electronic registration certificate card.

​Electronic driving licence to improve security and efficiency

India introduced a smart card-based driving license program, based on the Smart Card Operating System Standard for Transport Application originally developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) ( राष्ट्रीय सूचना विज्ञान केंद्र ) part of the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

The solution automates business processes at decentralized regional transport offices and state level transport registers. This enables the Indian government to consolidate driver and vehicle registration information across the population in a central repository, improving the administrative efficiency of the transport authority and other government departments. 

  • Ensure national interoperability of a tamper-proof ID document
  • Cost savings from reduced time of administrative processing
  • Improve tax collection through efficient fines, registration fees and tax management​.

Using electronic driving license cards speeds up the transition to paperless, electronic procedures and data exchanges, which act as formidable catalysts for the modernization of systems. 

The new electronic drivring licences rely on robust technology that meets the challenges presented by fraud, abuse and errors and with the country’s rapid growth, there is an increasing need for expansion of this solution to more states in India.

Gemalto announced that it has surpassed the twenty-five million mark for electronic driver’s licenses and electronic registration certificates for vehicles delivered to India. The program is exp​ected to be the world’s largest of its kind.​

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