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Electronic Passport Solution for Korea

​​​Electronic Passport Solution in Korea

In January 2011, Gemalto announced that through local partner LG CNS, the company has been selected by Korea’s National Printer, Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation, to supply its electronic passport for Korean ePassport users.

Under the contract, Gemalto is providing its digital security technology including its secure  eTravel opera​​​ting system and inlays to be integrated into the back cover of the passport.

Biometric passport improves security

Biometrics​ data such as portrait and fingerprints stored on the EAC-compliant passport greatly improve passport security by creating a strong link between traveler and travel document.

Gemato's epassport operating system selected by Korea represents a long term commitment to speed, security and flexibility.

We follow closely standard evolutions to rapidly integrate all new features for speedy time to market such as SAC / EAC and LDS 2. 

At Gemalto, security is a state of mind. We have a recognized industry-leading group of crypto-analysts with over 250 patents in cryptography & security and over 40 products Common Criteria and ITSEC certified, including 20 EAL4+, 2 EAL5+ and EAL7 certifications. 

We develop our own crypto libraries designed for the needs of the market and with roll-out frequent updates to ensure resistance to latest known attacks.

How can we better serve you in your passport migration?

Gemalto has been active in the ePassport market since 2005. 

The company provides technologies and services to over 30 national ePassport programs and border and visa management projects, over 100 ID-related government programs around the world and is geared up to help you succeed in your project. 
The company offers a comprehensive solution to bring a country’s documents and infrastructure up to the level recommended by ICAO, implementing best practices and deploying proven technology to help secure borders and citizens.​

​Press release | Gemalto Rolls-out Electronic Passport Solution in Korea