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eID for Lithuania

eID for LithuaniaLithuania’s Ministry of Interior has commissioned Gemalto to deliver 900,000 Gemalto​ Laser-Secured cards for the country’s ID card  program. Rollout for the cards, which are mandatory for all Lithuanian citizens aged 16 and over, began in January this year. Gemalto delivers the cards to its local partner Lodvila, a security printing company in Lithuania and main contractor of the project.

A polycarbonate eID card with contact and contactless technologies

The highly-secure polycarbonate laser-engraved ID cards​ also feature contactless technology for identity verification at border crossings​ based on fingerprint checks, thus facilitating travel for Lithuanian citizens between EU member states.

Lithuania has also deployed these credit-card sized ID documents to facilitate access for citizens to national and European eGovernment services. They contain an embedded contact microprocessor which holds one certificate for on-line identification and another for electronically signing official documents such as contracts and declarations.

eGovernment strategy

Lithuania has adopted e-ID to help build a modern, competitive, and prosperous society. The government aims to reach an ideal level of societal development by promoting this modern conception of the Social Contract.
To this end, the country has joined the standards already widely promoted by the European Union. It should be noted that Lithuania began its eGovernment program in the early 2000s and are thus among the pioneers of this societal transformation.

 As a strong signal, on 7 September 2011, Lithuanian Prime Minister and Ministers put their first electronic signature on the legal acts passed by the Government, thus  making a major step in eSolutions' development.

More than 500 egovernment services were available in the beginning of 2015.

More on Lithuania eGov achievements can be found on this EU document dated February 2016.


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