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The Malian national health insurance card

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(Canam - Caisse nationale d'assurance maladie) has called on Gemalto technology to fight against healthcare fraud​

In order to better identify social security beneficiaries and protect their rights, the Canam has entrusted the Malian SBNIF and its partner Gemalto with modernizing its health​ insurance cards.

New polycarbonate health cards

The SBNIF is a company specializing in high-tech, in particular the design, manufacture and customization (both graphical and electrical) of secure cards for various sectors (telecommunications, banking, the public sector).

As part of the contract signed with the SBNIF, Gemalto will provide 2.5 million secure polycarbonate cards​, as well as its Document Issuance customization solution, for the SBNIF technical center in Bamako.

Deliveries of cards and set up of personalization solution will begin from the start of 2012.

All of the country’s employees and their beneficiaries will receive an individual card via a secure process.

Identification of beneficiaries is key

The exact identification of social security beneficiaries is an essential component for the correct functioning of any healthcare system, since identity theft or fraud are sources of social injustice and a threat to social security systems. Indeed, authorities could unintentionally allocate resources to an ill-intentioned individual, depriving the rightful beneficiary to what he or she is entitled to.

This new project will strengthen Gemalto’s presence in the healthcare sector in Africa.

The company has already provided technical solutions for the implementation of eleven national healthcare systems currently in place throughout the world, in particular  in Algeria and Gabon, as well as in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Slovenia, France and Germany.