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Gemalto supplies smart driver license to 4 states in Mexico

eDriver license card, here for Nuevo Leon in 2007, also adoptedin Mexico, Veracruz and Sonora.Gemalto has just closed a new contract in 2008 to supply its smart driver's license​ to 4 Mexican states.

New driver's license for Mexico, Veracruz, Sonara and Nuevo Leon

​Gemalto in cooperation with local partner Cosmocolor, implemented the first Mexican smart card driving license, in Nuevo León State, in 2007, and now expands its technology to the states of México, Veracruz and Sonora.

With a population of over 127 million inhabitants and some 55 million drivers, there is a huge potential benefits for migration to smart cards driving license in Mexico even more as this document represents a trusted ID document already accepted nation wide.

Mexico: multi-purpose identity document Smart driver’s licenses have been deployed in four Mexican states since 2007. Cards are personalized on the spot with driver’s biometric information, linked to a centralized platform for the secure sharing of information between government departments for a faster more efficient way to issue licenses. 

The program ensures: 

  • Nationally recognized identity document for citizens
  • Secure, difficult to forge format that reduces administrative fraud and identity theft
  • Improved driver accountability through closer cooperation between authorities, insurance firms over fines, accident history and driver behavior. ​

​​Decrease of 39% in road fatalities in 2 years

​​​Migration to smart card drivers’ licenses has brought numerous advantages to regions and citizens alike, and is all the more effective for the fact that these cards are recognized nationwide as a ‘de facto’ form of identification. 

The card’s capacity to store a variety of information concerning the driver, such as his or her accident history or past breaches of the Highway Code, represents an unquestionable advantage for the police and for the authorities responsible for issuing drivers’ licenses. 

Nuevo Leon in Mexico adopted smart cards for their driver’s license in 2007. 

Results were impressive: 
  • a 22% decrease in injury accidents, 
  • a 34% decrease in DUI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol) accidents, and 
  • a decrease of 39% in road fatalities recorded between 2006 and 2008. 

In the same period of time, the number of vehicles increased by 19%.The effectiveness in reducing traffic accidents, insurance costs, identity theft and administrative fraud demonstrated in the state of Nuevo Leon on a daily basis since 2007 pushed other states such as Mexico State, Sonora and Vera Cruz to adopt smart card drivers’ licenses. ​

Your driver's license migration

Migration from a conventional driving license to an electronic one is a significant opportunity to bring benefits like increased accuracy and reliability to a state's document and data management systems. 

For authorities who are under constant pressure to cut running costs, the electronic driving license is a real enabler for digital services simultaneously improving service availability and operational efficiency.

We're looking forward to your questions related to enhanced security for DL, new electronic driver's license and digital driver's license.