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Mongolia's national eID initiative

​​​​​​Mongolia is rolling out its new national ID.

This new smart card includes an embedded microprocessor containing all personal data with biometric​ facial and fingerprint ID systems linked to a secure database serving government agencies such as the electoral authority, tax, customs, passport and military agencies.

Fast and secure identification

The Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs, which is leading the project, aims to ensure fast and secure identification of people in their dealings with municipal and national governmental services.

The new national ID card integrates Gemalto Window Security Feature for stronger ID fraud protection​. It's a transparent opening that is impossible to delaminate or fake. 

There's more.

Secure electronic documents represent a leap forward in security that surpasses the visual security of conventional documents such as ID cards.

It is impossible to tamper with the civil data stored electronically and biometric data is kept confidential and out of reach of unauthorized parties. It increases citizen protection and offer effective means of ID checking that stays one step ahead of ID fraud.

Easier access to public services

The migration to an eID system is helping the government improve security through positive proof of the bearer’s identity but also, into the future, enable it to deploy new e-government applications.

The new eID system is facilitating the delivery of public services such as social security and health care and education services at reduced administration costs.

Biometric authentication

Gemalto’s ​BioPIN​​​​, “Match on Card” biometric feature, allows fingerprints to be checked locally using the microprocessor of the eID card. 

That's good newws for privacy as it ensures the citizen’s information never leaves the card and does not require any connection to a central database.

Mongolia's national eID initiative  

Hassle-free deployment equipment is made possible by interoperability with the majority of available extractors and sensors.

The polycarbonate eID is also incorporating numerous security features. For exemple, Gemalto’s Sealys Window ingenious design incorporates a transparent opening that is impossible to delaminate or fake.

Mongolia national eID program in a nutshell

Mongolia has 3 million inhabitants and all citizens above 18 years of age are to carry these smart national ID cards. 

Gemalto worked with Bodi International, the program prime contractor and a leading IT company in Mongolia on this project.

  • 2 million biometric eID cards
  • Personalization and printing of cards in Mongolia – up to 48,000 per day
  • Cards issued to Mongolia citizens as of May 2012
  • Modernizing identity documents to combat fraud and increase levels of trust
  •  Strengthening the relationship between governmental services and citizens
  • Reassuring citizens that their data is protected and can be securely exchanged
  • Providing a secure and shared platform for delivering public services