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An end-to-end solution for EAC-enabled ePassports​

​​​​ Moroccan biometric passport

The first biometric epassport to be issued in Africa

In January 2009, the goal of the Ministry of the Interior was to deploy an end-to-end solution for the enrolment and issuance of EAC-enabled ePassports​ in less than one year’s time.

The goal was reached on December 15 with Gemalto.​

Extended Access Control

With this program, Morocco is the first country outside of the European Union to issue biometric passports including Extended Access Control (EAC) in accordance with European specifications. 

Why is it important?

EAC restricts access to highly sensitive biometric data (fingerprints) to authorized parties only and adds functionality to verify the authenticity of the microprocessor (chip authentication) and the reading device (terminal authentication). EAC is based on an asymmetric protocol and uses very strong encryption mechanims.

Dar As-Sikkah​ new site

State-of-the-art facilities​ measuring 4400 m², complete with production center and a high-security vault, were built expressly to house the brand-new production line.  

The new site illustrates the huge transformation Bank Al Maghrib, the national printer, has undergone. 

Bank Al Maghrib personnel oversee all stages of production from the stitching of electronic covers to personalization of the highly sophisticated travel document, which incorporates multiple visual and logical security features.​

​​On-line services

Moroccan citizens can now apply for a passport anytime, anywhere. 

Launched in tandem with the new enrollment program, a web portal outlining issuance requirements takes applicants through the procedure step by step, from the comfort of their keyboard. Once proof of identity has been gathered, the applicant can fill in an online form to print and submit in person at the prefecture.

A convenient on line passport tracking function enables applicants to trace the various stages of processing.​