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The third generation of Norwegian electronic passport (2018)

​​​Blending security and design with citizen-centric services​

Norvegian Passport

The world's coolest passport?

Norwegian love of nature is a distinctive element in the country's national identity. 

And soon the essence of Norway will be found in ……its passport.

Designed by ​studio Neue of Oslo, the new Norwegian passport blends style and simplicity.

It features Norway's natural landscapes in pastel tones. The new electronic passport covers use bold colors such as red for standard passports and white and turquoise for immigrant and diplomatic passports.

Shine a UV light on these beautiful landscapes and they turn into the Northern lights!

Gemalto is particularly proud to contribute to this project. In October 2016, the company announced that it will provide the third generation of Norwegian electronic passport and the country's new eID card as well as resident permit cards.

The program will start in 2018. ​

​A new end-to-end solution with the Norwegian citizen in mind 

Gemalto's Case Management system will orchestrate all the steps of the citizen application from biometric enrolment to the issuance, delivery, and post-issuance of the documents.

The solution has been designed to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) best practices related to enrollment, document verification, and identity proofing and lifecycle management. 

Norvegian electronic passport 

The Norwegian citizen can start the application from home, book an appointment online and register presence in the queue when visiting a government branch. The citizen is guided through the different steps of the document lifecycle: for instance, they will be notified when his/her current document is about to expire or when the new document is ready for collection.

Gemalto will supply its latest third-generation Sealys ePassports built on Gemalto's existing solution for Norway, and will incorporate a wide range of overt and covert security features.

A high-end set of security features, including irreversible laser-engraved personalization information, are safely located and protected within the genuine polycarbonate data page. The microprocessor is also embedded in the secure data page.

This is referred to as the one-block concept as detailed in our September 2016 guide on Passport Security Design.

There is more.

New also in Norway: a national eID card  

Unlike many countries, Norway had no national identity card so far. Citizens usually use their passport in many situations.

The new national eID card is planned for 2018.

It will be used as an ID and a travel document within the entire Schengen area.

The new national eID card will also meet the needs for on-line secure identification. The goal is to deliver an e-identity under public control with a high level of security.

This will contribute to reducing identity theft and related crime as stated by Norwegian authorities.

Norway has a national population register and issues a unique 11 digit birth number for each citizen.

Norway:  a Nordic pioneer for electronic passport

Delivery of the first generation of Norwegian personalized e-passports began in October 2005 and as a result, Norway was one of the first countries in the world to kick off the mandatory, nationwide deployment of biometric passports, compliant with international standards.

To respond to the Norwegian authorities' stringent requests and demanding timetable, Gemalto opened a new personalization center to provide a complete travel document with related personalization solutions and operated services.

Within six months, the new Oslo center was able to manage the complete solution including a new product, a delivery and personalization process and new operations.

Norway biometrice passport

The Norwegian authorities were able to draw on Gemalto's expertise and resources, and benefit from a local, highly-secure site. Furthermore, they had just one supplier to deal with for both the production and personalization of the documents.

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We are currently supporting more than 30 electronic passport programs around the world with expertise ranging from passport components, security features, biometric technology, security features,  ​high-security printing to operated services like here in Norway.

To better serve our clients, we have built a structured approach and mode of contribution to government programs, sharing international experience, industrial know-how and working as a partner to public authorities in numerous countries.

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