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New Mobile ID in Oman for stronger authentication

​​​​​​New Mobile ID in Oman for stronger authentication 

Now with the new Mobile ID scheme, citizens can use their mobile phone to authenticate to on line services and from any device.

In December 2013, Oman’s Information Technology Authority (ITA) launched a new Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system to h​​​​elp secure online transactions.

The secure infrastructure, now in live mode, enables multi-modal access to eGovernment services with the highest identity assurance level (level 4). It addresses both the public sector to secure eGovernment services and the private sector and supports the national digital transformation program.

Recognizing that not everyone has the same level of technology proficiency, ITA has taken a citizen-centric approach with a solution that has plug-and-play connectivity from any computer. It eliminates the need for client middleware and simplifies the end-user interface. Omani users have only to make a simple mouse click at their first connection.

The new Mobile ID is derived from the national ID scheme and Oman’s Civil Register. The national ID provides a unique and strong evidence of the subscriber’s identity bringing trust to the overall eServices scheme in Oman.

Behind the scene

Gemalto’s Goverrnment Digital Identity Services enable strong authentication, centralized signature and identity federation to form the new basis of Oman’s e-infrastructure.

They provide a shared future-proof platform for the use of electronic identity and the delivery of secure public and private services.

To make access to eServices even more inclusive, the Gemalto solution is compatible with all the world’s most widely used browsers. Engineered to deliver the highest possible level of online security, The services enable​ digital signatures for both PDF documents and online forms. It’s a multi-authentication solution​ that supports OTP, PKI, Mobile PKI and login/password schemes.

Complementing the national eID card in place in Oman, the Gemalto’s mobile PKI SIM card adds the true mobility factor into the e-services. Now Omani citizens can access public and private services anywhere anytime.

Digital certificates will be issued through the National Digital Certification Center for authentication and signing to better protect online services and transactions against identity fraud.

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