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Portugal passport: a strong partnership


​​Portugal - Security with no compromise

In April 2006, INCM selected Gemalto to provide electronic covers and inlays as part of Portugal's e-passport roll out. INCM adopted the Gemalto ICAO software and solution for ePassports to manufacture and personalize the passport booklets to be provided to Portuguese citizens.

This includes Gemalto highly secure operating system software with cryptographic capabilities and electronic cover a tamper-resistant packaging designed for the microprocessor and placed in the booklet’s back coversheet. The secure document microprocessor can contain biometric information about the passport holder, such as fingerprint and facial details, although only facial details (picture) are currently in use.

Gemalto also provides INCM with its secure issuance solution, an integrated solution to personalize biometric passport, designed and developed in co-operation with Multicert, a Portuguese firm that specializes in digital certificates and electronic signatures and that will act as a CA (Certification Authority) for this project.

A secure biometric passport for Portuguese citizens

As of August 28, 2006, the INCM was able to supply the Public Administration and its citizens with the most advanced and secure travel documents ever made. By the autumn of 2006, all newly-issued Portuguese passports will include a secure microprocessor. INCM currently produces 400,000 passports each year.

This new generation of electronic passport, compliant with ICAO and European Union standards, will contribute to better protection for Portuguese citizens when travelling and guarantees visa free entry to the USA.​