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Portugal issues electronic residence permits

​​​​​Portuguese electronic residence permitThe Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda (INCM), the Portuguese mint and national printing office, has begun issuing Gemalto's ​Resident cards, compliant with the electronic European Residence Permit (eERP) specifications and the latest ICAO Extended Access Control standards.

Gemalto will deliver 150,000 cards per year over the next three years and has also supplied INCM with its Issuance personalization solution. Portugal is thus fulfilling the EU recommendation that requires all 27 member states to roll out the eERP from 2010.

The eERP card provides temporary residence entitle​​​ment for non-EU citizens. It embeds a contactless chip which securely stores biometric data, simplifying residency entitlement verification and also stores ID data for social security and tax affairs. The contactless interface is mandatory and meets the same EU standards as biometric ePassport​.

Press release: 
Gemalto Launches Electronic European Residence Permit in Portugal​