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Puerto Rico’s « Tarjeta Inteligente De Salud »

​​​​​Gemalto's Health Insurance Cards have been selected to provide all two million microprocessor cards, for the Puerto Rico Department of Health’s new Health Smart Card​ (“Tarjeta Inteligente De Salud”) program. The project covers the entire Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and is the largest deployment of health care smart cards in North America to date.

This project demonstrates how microprocessor cards can be a very valuable tool in North America for health care providers, insurers and patients alike. Smart cards enable compliance with HIPAA regulations, as well as support for new applications that deliver clinical and administrative benefits. 

They support the delivery of fast, efficient and appropriate medical care and allow institutions to securely manage patient records while protecting privacy, verifying patient eligibility and billing appropriate entities for the proper amounts.

 For a global assessment of Health Care Card benefits, read our 2017 report on Universal​ Health Care ​​​systems.