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Vehicle registration card: Serbia goes electronic

​​​​A new vehicle registration card

The interest in secure electronic vehicle documents has grown rapidly among EU member nations in recent years. 

Leading the way, Serbia, a serious candidate to join the EU28 in the near future, is the third nation in Europe to rol​​l out such documents. 

Serbia selected Gemalto's sec​​ure embedded software for this vehicle registration card program. 

The new document, the size of a credit card is similar to highly secure ID cards such as the German ID or the new Italian national id card​ with numerous security features and protection against forgery.

The new Serbian card conforms to the valid EU-guidelines and is therefore an internationally recognized document.

Serbia in a nutshell

Serbia, formerly the political and cultural center of Yugoslavia, is today a landlocked country in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula in Central Southeastern Europe with a population of over 7 million.

Serbia has officially proclaim its independence on 5 June 2006, as the successor state to the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.​