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Slovene eHealthcare initiative

​Updated 4 June 2017

Slovene eHealthcare initiative In February 2008, the Slovenian Health Insurance Institute chose Gemalto and Cetis, the Slovenian leader in security document printing, to supply a comprehensive solution for its latest generation of health insurance cards. Cetis will provide card personali​zation and the PKI infrastructure.

The Gemalto's Health Insuran​ce cards will be the first of their kind in Europe to feature its Java-based  MultiApp embedded software to further secure a fully on-line system with digital signatures for healthcare professionals.

Gemalto's Document Issuance solution is also perfectly adapted to the Slovenian project, and Gemalto will also be supplying middleware, software applications and applets. The Institute will act as system integrator and as operator of the national healthcare system will issue cards to citizens.

Key to the successful running of the operation is the fact that the new system will be fully backward-compatible with existing infrastructure.

​Second generation of Health Insurance cards ​

The Slovenian Health Insurance Institute​ has several goals with this project: 

• to develop and introduce a new version of the Health Insurance Card to enable the use of digital certificates in addition to current functionalities 

• to develop and introduce a new health professional card with digital certificates as a fundamental security element of the system, which will allow for electronic signing ​​

• to develop and introduce the infrastructure required for on-line access 

• to develop and introduce the application equipment for healthcare providers and insurance companies • to develop and prototype the introduction of electronic prescriptions 

The key challenges of the renovation include active participation of all actors, swift execution of changes without disruption of service and the introduction of acceptable, manageable and up-to-date ICT solutions.


Mrs. Mirjana Kregar, CIO at the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS)

Gemalto interviewed Mrs. Mirjana Kregar,  CIO at the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS) in January 2014.

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