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Secure on-line services for Slovenian Healthcare

Slovenian Healthcare

Slovenia has centralized administration and particularly effective citizenship and identity check procedures. It is currently the most advanced country in Europe in terms of modernizing its healthcare system.​

In 2008, Slovenia started to implement an advanced electronic signature and identity system, which included the healthcare system in its scope, using next-generation cards.

The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS) provides health insurance to all citizens of Slovenia.

We interviewed Mrs. Mirjana Kregar,
CIO at the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS) in January 2014.

What are the latest developments in Slovenian second generation eHealthcare system?

Mrs. Mirjana Kregar, CIO at the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS) In the last couple of years, a great leap has been made in Slovenia in the transition from the first to the second generation of health insurance cards, where the second is defined mainly by digital certificates stored on insured persons’ and health workers’ cards and an online system for exchanging data. The new card complies with the highest and most demanding security requirements for electronic business in the health care system.
The new online system has enabled us, the health insurance company, to implement additional simplifications in data transfer processes and also made it safer which is crucial since we are dealing with large amounts of confidential personal data. In addition, the system made expenditures more controllable and transparent.

What are your first achievements so far with this new architecture?

The first two completed projects were the implementation of the web portal for insured persons, which offers access to insured person’s own insurance data, and a web portal for health service providers, which is currently used for e-billing purposes.
Secure online prescription is currently being put in place by Slovenian Ministry of health. A digital certificate stored on health workers’ card is used for signing the e-prescription.
At ZZZS, we are also currently setting up an analytical system that will help us use the data we collect, through cards and our online system, and allow for optimal planning of health services which will be aligned with customers’ demand.

What is still ahead ?

In the following years, the infrastructure (cards with digital certificates and the online system) will help us overcome our main strategic challenge, which is how to improve the accessibility of ZZZS services online and have it become the prevailing form of customer relations as well as means of communication with other strategic partners in the field of e-health.

More http://www.zzzs.si/