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Electronic Passport rollout in Slovenia

ePassort for Slovenian citizenIn July, Gemalto announced the signature of a 10-year contract to supply the technology to be used in ePassports for Slovenian citizens. Gemalto will supply its ​eTravel Inlays, the secure polycarbonate devices embedding its advanced secure electronic passport software technology to Cetis, Slovenia's leader in security document printing.

The technology provided by Gemalto includes its eTravel, a highly secure operating system with advanced cryptographic features running on a large capacity contactless micro-processor for Slovenia's e passport​.

One million passports are currently in use in Slovenia and the government intends to roll out the first electronic passports from the end of August 2006.

Gemalto has already delivered the first batch of 50,000 products to Cetis who will deploy the corresponding number of e-passports by the end of the year.

Press Release

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