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Digital tacho cards in Europe

​​​​​Supporting your tachograph program

For more than ten years, Gemalto has contributed to numerous tachograph​ projects that now extend to 34 different countries. 

We know what works in the real world. We know how tough working conditions can be. 

When it comes to tachograph solutions, our customers focus on 3 things:

  1. their ability to get durable and secure cards
  2. their ability to get high qualit​y services : from delivery to local personalization
  3. their ability to get  an evolutive solution to move along with new regulations.

Let's dig in.

1- Durability and security

Durability and security are the MOST important parts of a tachograph project. 

And we are here to help.

There is a very simple fact to prove this.

Reports by MEBA, the international association of the tachograph card issuing authorities, show that return rates of Gemalto tachograph cards are much lower than the a​verage for all smartcards in the field (well below 1% for Gemalto vs. around 4% overall)​​​

​Our laser-secured tachograph cards ​​offer an exceptional level of security. 

2- Quality of service

​Our service teams with their  broad experience ensure smooth running of new tachograph projects and the efficient achievement of mandatory certifications and type approvals.

In other words, our experienced team will save you time and efforts.

3 - Evolutivity

​Gemalto’s product range is constantly evolving, with both security enhancements and performance improvements, through microchip multi sourcing and introduction of new generation silicon platforms. 

We have a recognized expertise in overt and covert security features​, cryptography and security through several hundred patents and over 40 products with Common Criteria and ITSEC certification. 

 Intense tests and component qualification are done by our R&D team - from radio frequency performance to security and cryptographic performance. 

Gemalto is also actively contributing to the work of standardization bodies and organizations such as ISO, CEN, and others. As a result, our products are in full conformance with the latest standards and tachograph regulations in particular.

So how can we help you in your next tachograph migration ?

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Leave a comment or question in the box below.

Digital tacho cards in EuropeLearn more about our solution

Gemalto was selected by the United Kingdom Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)In 2012, Gemalto was selected by the United Kingdom Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA​​) ​to provide 40-80 millions of Sealys secure documents. The multi-year contract covers driving licenses, professional driver qualification cards (DQC), biometric residence permits – and tachograph cards. 

Despite a tight project schedule, the necessary type approval by VCA, the designated Vehicle Certification Agency in the UK, was received in a timely manner. Production of the new polycarbonate tachograph cards with grayscale laser engraving and enhanced security features could begin in 2013, with one quarter of a million to be issued by DVLA each year. ​