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Turkish ePassport Program: a flexible solution from Gemalto

​​​​​​​epassport Turkey

In September 2015, Gemalto announced that it is supplying its eCover for ePassports to Darphane, the Turkish Mint and Stamp Printing House.

A new personalization centre in Ankara

In June 2010, Gemalto announced its selection by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey for its ePassport program. Gemalto provided its  Document Issuance Solution​ for the personalization of​ new electronic passports for Turkish citizens, including the certificate authority solution and associated integration services. 

For Turkey's 79 million citizens, electronic passports are issued for new applications as well as renewals as of June 1, 2010.​

Enrollment takes place in over 430 locations in the country and 150 abroad to fulfil e-passport applications for Turkish citizens and diplomatic personnel.

Gemalto helped create an integrated infrastructure to handle e-passports from different sources and suppliers – with a personalization service centre at the Turkish Police centre in Ankara.

Customized training on personalization processes and ICAO parameters​ helped ensure the tools would deliver a fully secure and reliable solution capable of delivering 19,000 e-passports per day – and up to 3 million per year.

The system is highly flexible, with the possibility of adding additional workstations to handle up to seven times more demand during peak periods in the year, such as December and before the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Secure ePassport technologies

 According to the multi-year agreement signed announced in 2015, Gemalto is also providing its ICAO Common Criteria certified software, embedded in the highly-durable passport inlay with a secure microprocessor. 

​The new Turkish biometric passport (known as biyometrik pasaport in Turkish) has been including fingerprints since the end of 2016.

As of January 2020, its the price of a Turkish passport price is 915 Liras ($154) according to Haval web site.

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