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Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer. Fast, efficient and accurate document authentication combined with video-based facial recognition. 

KYC procedures involve all the necessary actions to make sure their customers are real, assess, and monitor risks. They help prevent and identify money laundering, terrorism financing, and other fraud schemes.

KYC onboarding and verification process includes ID card verification, face verification, document verification such as utility bills as proof of address, and biometric verification.

  • AT10K Document Reader

    Quickly and reliably inspect, authenticate and capture data from electronic travel and identity documents with our next generation document reader, the Gemalto Document Reader AT10K. Designed for reading of passports, identity cards, driver’s licenses and barcoded documents in both government and commercial applications such as banks, retail and transport.

    Discover the new Gemalto Document Reader AT10K

  • Document Reader AT9000 MK2

    Thales Gemalto AT9000 MK2 Document Reader

    Watch the video! Discover the Thales Gemalto AT9000 MK2 Document Reader - a familiar sight at border control desks around the world – Easy and accurate.

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  • Gemalto QS1000 -Full page document reader

    Thales Gemalto QS1000 Document Reader

    Select the Gemalto QS1000 Document Reader, our entry-level compact document reader designed for fast, whole-page and barcode data capture.

    Learn more on Gemalto document reader QS1000

  • Double-sided ID Card Reader CR5400

    Discover the Gemalto CR5400 Double-sided ID Card Reader. It's fast, accurate and easy-to-use as there’s no wrong way to insert the card in the ID reader.

    Learn more on double-sided ID Card Reader CR5400

  • LFIS Check SDK

    LFIS Check SDK allows 1:1 face matching using either 2 photos or a photo and a live video feed. A typical use case is to check that a person is the owner of an ID document. The robust SDK allows for easy integration into identity management and authentication applications by developers, such as visitor management systems.

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