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National identity schemes : definition and examples

​​​​​About the white paper on national identity schemes

A national identity scheme sets out the roles of the sovereign state with regard to digital identity.  It also establishes the underlying principles and workings of the digital identity ecosystem.

The aim of this white paper is to give all public stakeholders and partners the understanding, insight and tools that will enable them to contribute to greater success in the modernization of public services and, more broadly, of society, by including digital identity​ as a defining feature in a digital space of trust, with good levels of security, interoperability and data protection.​


National ID schemes around the world

At the last count, at least 70 countries worldwide were operating some form of national ID scheme. 

More are to come in 2017-2018. Australia for example, announced that the first phase of its digital ID program for 2017.

Over 50 of these have already adopted more sophisticated eID (electronic identity) solutions, with cards featuring an embedded microprocessor within which the holder's details can be stored securely.

Furthermore, an increasing number are now moving beyond traditional card-based applications, and deploying complementary Digital ID programs that enable seamless, anytime/anywhere access to convenient eGov services. ​


National identity schemes​

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