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Self-service kiosks to boost on-line services adoption

​Our government self-service kiosks enable government agencies and organizations at all levels to better reach citizens and residents and to make access to on-line services even more inclusive.

This innovative approach provides significant efficiency gains for public administrations and improves the end user experience, boosting adoption of on-line services and eGov services in particular.

 Self-service kiosks  

Convenient access to eService​s for all

Deployed in post offices, government offices or others public areas such as malls, Gemalto eServices Kiosks will enable government bodies to reach the entire population.

In particular, support can be provided for people living in remote areas, and citizens who do not have the means or inclination to access public on-line services or eGovernment applications from home. In fact, the very people who need public services the most.

The eServices Kiosks from Gemalto are designed to transform the way in which government bodies deliver services.

  • Administrative costs are slashed, and front desk staff can be redeployed to added value tasks.
  • Quality of service is improved significantly: queues and the risk of human error are reduced and accessibility extended beyond normal working hours.

There's more.

Multi lingual interfaces can be offered, providing comfort to all citizens and residents.

Select your applications

The eServices Kiosk creates a single gateway to eServices.

It enables users to access different types of on-line services, potentially from different organizations or providers, after authenticating with an eID card, biometry, or simple password.

As a last step, if required, the user can proceed with the payment.

Depending on your uses cases and existing ecosystem, Gemalto can provide a turnkey package with web applications, kiosk monitoring solutions and Gemalto software platforms:

  • Government Digital Identity Services​ for authentication and eSignature
  • Post-issuance for card administration
  • Document Management System to manage the life cycle of eDocument

The most popular services include:

  • Civil registry procedures, including online registration of births, requests for birth certificates, and printing
  • Declaration of a lost or stolen eID or passport
  • Application for an eID or a passport renewal
  • On line tax declaration and eSignature
  • Payment of taxes, fines, utility bills
  • Card administration: activation, PIN unblock, PIN change, certificate loading and renewal, information updates such as change of address (eID) or new beneficiary (eHealthcare), and loading of new applications.

Wide range of devices

Design your own eServices self-service Kiosks

Gemalto creates robust and highly serviceable eServices Kiosks.

They are designed to provide the best possible user experience. A compact footprint and high level of customization ensure optimum flexibility in terms of deployment and usage.

Gemalto has selected and validated a wide range of devices that can be integrated in the kiosk.

The center section is highly customizable: up to six devices can be integrated.

They include:

  • a contact card reader
  • a contactless card reader,
  • a fingerprint reader,
  • a web cam
  • a numeric pad,
  • a payment terminal (contact or NFC)
  • a receipt printer.

The kiosk's finish is adapted to your preferred colors and logos.

A unique and attractive solution is then ready to deliver trusted and convenient digital services to end users, whilst fitting perfectly inside modern smart branches or citizen shops.

The success of your eGov strategy

These self-service kiosks can represent the complementary link to a multi-modal integrated approach to your e-administration and eGov strategy with:

  • Continuity - uptake is built up around the continuity of the fundamental frameworks i.e. finding eGov services access in administration buildings.
  • Provide something visible and tangible – to encourage uptake especially for environments where the internet and digital technology have not reached the deployment critical mass.

These kiosks can also be attended with an assistant and it is then all the simpler for citizens and residents to transpose into e-Services the reality they are familiar with - the points of reference are thus acquired and the necessary learning has taken place.

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