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Solutions for your digital tachograph card and more

​​​ Tachograph Adapt to the new tachograph regulations

For more than ten years, Gemalto has contributed to numerous tachograph projects that now extend to 34 different countries​​. The acquisition of Trüb in 2015 brought together the two leading companies offering tachograph card solutions. 

This long and broad experience ensures the smooth running of new tachograph projects and the efficient achievement of mandatory certifications and type approvals.

Sealys Tachograph is a complete product offering, designed to meet all the new requirements set by EU tachograph regulations.

Depending on the customer's individual needs, Sealys Tachograph is available either :

  1. as microcontroller modules on reel, 
  2. as raw tachograph smart cards in any of the four application profiles, 
  3. or personalized cards with holders' individual personal information.

The Sealys contact-based tachograph can withstand intensive usage and harsh environmental conditions such as pronounced temperature changes or strong vibrations. 

Most durable and secure cards 

Customers can count on Sealys Premium PC, Gemalto smartcards manufactured from most durable and secure polycarbonate with laser personalization, for an exceptionally high level of reliability and security.

There is a very simple fact to prove this.

Reports by MEBA, the international association of the tachograph card issuing authorities, show that return rates of Gemalto tachograph cards are much lower than the average for all smartcards in the field (well below 1% for Gemalto vs. around 4% overall).​

There's more.​

Take advantage of our experienced service teams​

​​​Gemalto also has the capabilities necessary to deliver turnkey solutions, thanks to specialized integration services and its flexible Coesys system offering. As a result, resources are saved and lead-times shortened for the introduction of tachograph cards in the field.

Alternatively, for customers seeking hassle-free issuance without the need to invest in any systems or processes, Gemalto offers Allynis managed services, where personalized tachograph cards are directly delivered to end-users within an agreed timeframe.


  • Sealys Tachograph


    Improved road safety with Europe’s most widely used digital tachograph solution from Gemalto

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