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Gemalto Government Customer stories: Travel Documents


  • UK passport: A new travel document for 2019

    UK passport: A new travel document for 2019

    Discover with Gemalto some of the major changes impacting the new UK passport.

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  • East Timor launches its biometric passport

    East Timor launches its biometric passport

    East Timor issued its first electronic and biometric passport on May 5th 2017. Discover its secure and aesthetic passport design with Gemalto

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  • Traveling light – new e-Visa system boosts tourism in Uganda

    Traveling light – new e-Visa system boosts tourism in Uganda

    Uganda’s Electronic Visa and Permit system went live in July 2016. Discover with Gemalto how the system works and its benefits for travelers and the country.

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  • New ePassport and eID for Finland

    The art of secure documentation

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  • Lebanese passport

    Lebanese passport: the new biometric ePassport launched

    Discover the new Lebanese biometric passport launched on 1 August 2016. It incorporates Gemalto’s visual security features and electronic technologies

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  • Norway - epassport

    Electronic passport: Norway's case

    To respond to the Norwegian authorities’ stringent requests, Gemalto opened a new personalization center to provide a complete ePassport product.

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  • Biometric passports for Moldova

    Biometric passports open Schengen zone to Moldovan travellers

    The new biometric passport of Moldova opens Schengen zone for its holder. It is one of the first to implement Supplemental Access Control protocol. More with Gemalto.

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  • Biometric passports for Colombian citizens

    Biometric passports for Colombian citizens

    The new Colombian electronic passport or pasaporte electrónico integrates Gemalto secure ePassport technologies .

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  • Swedish ePassport and national eID

    Sweden is a country well known for adopting the latest technological advances.

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  • New Peruvian electronic passport unveiled

    New Peruvian electronic passport unveiled

    On February 24, 2016 the first Peruvian biometric passports were delivered in Lima.

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  • Gemalto embarks on Turkish ePassport Program

    Gemalto embarks on Turkish ePassport Program

    In September 2015, Gemalto announced that it is supplying its Sealys eCover for ePassports to Darphane, the Turkish Mint and Stamp Printing House.

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  • Flag of Luxembourg for biometric passport

    A new biometric passport for Luxembourg

    Since February 2015, Luxembourg’s citizens have been able to apply for a new generation of the country’s electronic passport.

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  • South African epassport

    South Africa electronic passport integrates Swiss innovation

    In April 2009 the Republic of South Africa started issuing a new generation of electronic passport

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  • The new version of the Malaysian Electronic Passport with advanced polycarbonate data page

    In April 2013, Malaysia started to issue a new version of the ICAO compliant Malaysian Electronic Passport with a polycarbonate biometric data page.

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  • Biometric epassport for Azerbaidjan

    Azerbaidjan goes biometric

    On September 2, 2013, the very first biometric electronic passport was handed to the President of the Republic, Ilham Aliyev in Baku.

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  • Moldova selects Gemalto for its new electronic Passport program

    Introduction of the new biometric ePassport begins in summer 2014. It will replace the previous generation of passports in the Republic of Moldova and enable visa free travel for Moldovan citizens to the European Union.

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  • Algeria taps Gemalto for ePassport

    In May 2014, Gemalto announced its selection by the Algerian governmental agency "Hôtel des Monnaies de la Banque d’Algérie" for its ePassport program.

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  • Gemalto to deliver the new Belgian electronic passport

    Gemalto is set to supply Belgium with its Sealys ePassport, due to be introduced in May 2014.

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  • Leading France into the Next Generation

    October 2008 saw Gemalto selected by the Imprimerie Nationale, France’s national printer, to supply its Coesys Issuance solution.

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  • Cote d'Ivoire epassport

    Gemalto ePassports for Cote d’Ivoire

    Gemalto has clinched an exclusive five-year contract to deliver digital security technology for Ivorian ePassports.

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  • Danish biometric epassport

    Denmark: Gemalto Delivers Danish ePassports

    The new generation of Danish biometric ePassports is implementing the EAC ( Extended Access Control) mechanism to better protect fingerprints stored in the microprocessor of the smart document.

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  • French passport

    France (Case study)

    1,000,000 ePassports in just 5 months.

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  • Italian epassport

    Italy: Gemalto contributes to the Italian ePassport program

    Italy’s Instituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (IPZS), the national printing office, began issuing electronic passports based on Gemalto technology.

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  • Flag of Hong Kong

    Hong Kong

    The Immigration Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been deploying a single identity document infrastructure

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  • Flag of South Korea

    Gemalto Rolls-out Electronic Passport Solution in Korea

    In January 2011, Gemalto announced that through local partner LG CNS, the company has been selected by Korea’s National Printer, Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation, to supply its Sealys eTravel ePassport solution for Korean ePassport users

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  • Latvia

    In January 2007, Gemalto has been selected to provide its highly secure polycarbonate datapage solution for the Latvian electronic passport.

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  • Flag of Morocco for biometric passport


    Moroccan biometric passport The first biometric epassport to be issued in Africa.

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  • Flag of Poland for epassport


    In August 2006, Gemalto announced it will be supplying its ePassport solution for Polish electronic passports, and first deliveries began in July 2006.

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  • Flag of Portugal for epassport covers and inlays


    In April 2006, INCM selected Gemalto to provide electronic covers and inlays as part of the country’s e-passport roll out.

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  • Singapore: Electronic Passport

    Singapore: Electronic Passport

    August 15, 2006: The first ePassports for Singapore Singapore means innovation.

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  •  Oman's ePassport

    Sultanate of Oman

    Building a digital nation: Oman's ePassport project In February 2013, the Royal Oman Police turned to Gemalto

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  • Slovenia


    In July, Gemalto announced the signature of a 10-year contract to supply the technology to be used in ePassports for Slovenian citizens.

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  • USA: Gemalto passes go with GPO

    US ePassport

    Gemalto is one of only two vendors selected for the supply of the US ePassport program.

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