Our business profile

Gemalto’s expertise spans the entire process for creating digital security solutions. We develop operating systems and software, and produce and personalize secure devices – of which we have already delivered over 12 billion worldwide. We continue to innovate with new forms and architectures, and to expand our software and services portfolio for clients who want to provide secure, convenient applications to their end-users.


Digital scientists


Gemalto’s internationally renowned team of security and cryptography experts leads the way in the invention, design and development of new products, solutions and applications certified to the highest standards.


Patents and patent applications in our patent portfolio, representing about 1,300 patent families.



New inventions first filed in 2010.

R&D centers



Solutions, software and services

Value-added services


value of services sold 2010

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Software and services: Gemalto’s know-how and field experience mean we are uniquely placed to offer a range of software and services that support our clients in the delivery of digital security solutions to end-users. We also offer our clients a wide range of training, consulting, integration and managed services.

Secure remote management: to ensure that end-users always enjoy up-to-date information and services, our secure server software can connect with our devices when they are in the field and connected to digital networks. For cellphones this is done via Over-the-Air (OTA) platforms. ID badges, banking cards and USB tokens can be updated when they are connected to a computer, often via a smart card reader.

Personalization facilities


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Personalized devices: Gemalto is the trusted partner for the individual personalization of millions of secure personal devices daily, effected under various security certification schemes.

These include SIMs, banking cards, ePassports, eID cards and so on. Particularly in the financial services sector, the outsourcing of personalization is gaining momentum as the worldwide deployment of cards increases and issuers look to outsource this activity.

Production sites



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  • A complete range of SIMs, MIMs and UICC cards.
  • Smart cards and banking cards.
  • Electronic passports, identity documents, health cards, etc.
  • USB dongles and other devices.





Financial services and retail. Transport. Pay TV

Government programs

Online authentication. eBanking and eCommerce

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1 billion+

EMV cards in circulation (source: EMVco).

670 million

3G subscribers worldwide 2010 (source: Informa WCIS).

20 million

Online banking customers use our solutions (source: Gemalto).


30 million

M2M modules shipped 2010, 30% year-on-year growth (source: Gartner).

106 million+

M2M modules to be shipped 2015 (estimated number; source: Gartner).

Licensing of intellectual property

With the aim of promoting digital security and convenience, we have developed a number of licensing programs based on our patent portfolio, including our latest innovations.

Partner network

  • Technology partners

    Develop products (hardware and/or software) for the same ecosystem as Gemalto’s. The combination of our offers increases the value delivered to the end-user. Technology partners and Gemalto commit to making their products interoperable and engage in co-marketing activities.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers

    Embed and resell Gemalto technologies in their own products with their own branding.

  • Channel partners

    Resell and market Gemalto products and services as distributors, value-added resellers or system integrators. They belong to the Gemalto Certified Partner community.