Our strategy: extending the boundaries

In November 2009 we announced our 2010-2013 Development Plan. At its core is our objective to increase our profit from operations to €300 million in 2013 through a strategy of profitable growth. In 2010 we made a promising start in this direction.

Objective Through revenue growth and margin expansion, our objective is to expand our profit from operations(*) by more than 50% to €300 million in 2013
We will achieve this objective through: Growth in all business segments, with a double-digit revenue increase in security. Growth will be generated by: developments in wireless offers, with new devices and remote services; steady worldwide expansion of payment cards; and global spread of new government projects and authentication solutions.
  Double-digit revenue increase in software and services across all business segments
  Further margin improvements driven by Secure Transactions and Security
  Tight management of capital employed, with further ambition to increase our return on capital employed (ROCE)
Our strategic priorities: Actively replicate successful models across geographies
  Capture more value with remote services
  Speed up commercialization of innovations
  Leverage our unique position to serve customers with converging needs
  Leverage our efficient base and expand through bolt-on acquisitions
We plan to generate strong levels of operating cash flows, and to: Re-invest our cash to fuel organic growth and fund bolt-on acquisitions
Enhance return to shareholders, via a combination of share buy-back and dividend distribution

Did you know that by 2015 the market will expand to:

  • 3.8 billion mobile users
  • 2.6 billion internet users
  • 15 billion connected machines


Profit from operations(*) €m

Profit from operations

For more information see Adjusted Measures

2011: another year of expansion

The Company targets for 2011 another increase in revenue and profit from its ongoing operations.

The Company reiterates its expectation to have Secure Transactions delivering a high single-digit profit margin from operations in 2011, and upgrades its view on the Security segment which is now expected to deliver a high single-digit profit margin from operations even without a patent licensing contribution in 2011.

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