Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

The combination of Gemalto and Cinterion strengthens our position as leader in M2M modules, MIMs and device management. M2M technology connects devices across a wide range of industries to reduce cost through improved processes, and to generate revenues by enabling new business models.

Our performance(*)



Up 5% year-on-year at constant exchange rates(**)

Gross profit


Gross margin


Profit from operations


Profit margin from operations


  • The integration of Cinterion is now essentially complete.
  • The solid 15% revenue growth was driven by the increasing use of cellular connectivity by multiple industrial sectors such as the automotive and metering industries.
  • Profit from operations doubles, directly benefiting from the increased volume of sales.
  • (*)
  • Adjusted financial information for ongoing operations.
  • (**)
  • Pro-forma, by comparing the activities reported in the Machine-to-Machine segment starting August 1, 2010, consolidation date of the acquired Cinterion business, with the corresponding activities for the same period of 2009.
  • For more information see Adjusted measures

Our products, software and services

Wireless modules

Gemalto, notably through Cinterion, its affiliate company, is the leading supplier of M2M devices and solutions based on HSPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and GSM technologies. Our portfolio of fully certified, high-quality products offers communication for a wide range of applications, including automotive, metering, remote maintenance, mHealth, e-toll systems, POS systems, industrial PDAs, routers and gateways, tracking and tracing, as well as security systems.

This provides users with unlimited mobility due to worldwide coverage and seamless roaming across networks. The respective data standards offer reliable connections with high data rates enabling data-centric applications. The modules can be readily customized to suit unique needs or combined with other innovative features such as Java™, GPS and SIM Access Profile.

MIMs (Machine Identification Modules)

Through Gemalto’s leadership in the SIM industry, we have developed a comprehensive set of MIM cards. This ranges from plug-in format and 3FF (Third Form Factor) to the latest ETSI standardized MFF-M2M form factor.

MIMs need to meet the high demands of industrial applications, including extremes of vibration, temperature and humidity, as well as a longer lifespan than consumer mobile applications.

Our offer includes three product families to cover these needs, including FullM2M in semiconductor packaging, as well as other unique features like eXtended Life for long-term applications. These products have been massively deployed throughout the world.


Gemalto provides leading-edge support for integration worldwide, from design to delivery and in-life management. By combining vertical-specific know-how with consulting, we reduce time-to-market for our customers. And with our unique security expertise, global leadership in Over-The-Air and long-standing experience in software verticals such as device management, mobile financial services and roaming, we are able to facilitate the deployment of value-added M2M services.

Our positioning

  • Cinterion is the world’s undisputed market leader in cellular M2M modules with a market share of 26%(*).
  • We provide vertical-specific consulting and integration support to help customers reduce time-to-market and avoid costly loops.
  • We offer a broad product portfolio scalable to customer needs.
  • Our products are designed for long-term availability.
  • Our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability required for industrial applications and the automotive industry.
  • We provide unique integrated hardware expertise from MIM to M2M modules, delivering end-to-end solutions for M2M applications.
  • We facilitate and simplify the deployment of M2M value-added-services.
  • We add security to M2M applications.
  • Our high innovation potential is demonstrated by our latest awards, most recently in the form of the GSMA Award and Oracle’s Duke’s Choice Java Innovation Award.
  • (*)
  • Source: Gartner Inc.

M2M and MIM – what’s behind the acronyms

  • M2M (Machine-to-Machine) technology enables communication between machines for applications such as smart meters, mobile health solutions and many more.
  • An M2M module effectively has the functionality of a cellphone although it has none of the normal appearance (i.e. it has no display, keypad, battery, etc). It cannot authenticate itself or connect to the mobile network without a MIM.
  • A MIM (Machine Identification Module) is the equivalent of a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) with specific features such that it can be used in machines and enable authentication. Machine Identification Module (MIM) is a Gemalto registered Trademark.