Our performance(*)

Our products, software and services



(2009: €24m)

Down 22% year-on-year at constant exchange rates

Gross profit


(2009: €6m)

Gross margin


(down 230 basis points)

Profit from operations


(2009: €4m)

Profit margin from operations


(down 450 basis points)

Public Telephony

Gemalto provides multi-function prepaid cards for public telephony. These enable operators to offer services to users when making payments at kiosks and going online.

  • Gemalto is the world’s leading supplier of prepaid phone cards with over 150 million units shipped in 2010.
  • Our phone card solutions offer strong security for both operators and their customers. Our open Key Management System for authenticating card-based activities delivers a combination of security and flexibility.
  • With our global footprint and diverse customer base, we support public telephony operators in a wide range of initiatives designed to promote their business.
  • By sharing our market and technical expertise, we help operators develop fresh approaches to the highly mature fixed-line market. This enables public telephony to remain distinctive and relevant in a world increasingly dominated by mobile communication.
  • Our tamper-proof UniSAM (Security Application Module) system can be installed in payphones or terminals to authenticate prepaid user cards. This offers security against fraud and allows storage of issuers’ private information. Since it is built on open standards, it works with almost any legacy system.

POS terminals

Effective December 31, 2010, Gemalto finalized the transfer of its POS solutions business to VeriFone. The latter has assumed the fulfillment of existing customer relationships and product requirements for Gemalto POS customers.

(*) Adjusted financial information for ongoing operations.