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Add value for smartphone consumers with security and NFC-based use cases


With 1.3 billion units sold and a growth of more than 27% year-on-year in 2014, the smartphone market has set a new record. The number of smartphone manufacturers has also dramatically increased, making this market one of the most competitive worldwide.

The successful arrival of newcomers achieving exceptional results is based on extraordinary brand strength, marketing strategy or a game-changing business model. But few are able to succeed this way and the majority have to work on improving device features and services offered to end users.

The smartphone manufacturers are facing a key challenge today: how to create a device that will be a best-seller on the market and stand out against so many competitors?

Gemalto offers innovative solutions to bring more value to smartphone end users with new use cases based on security and NFC. These will give device makers keys to differentiate their smartphones in such a competitive landscape and reach specific markets e.g. enterprise segment.

  • Contactless payment
  • Access control (transport ticketing, events)
  • Secure online authentication and payment
    • Biometrics-based solution
    • OTP authentication (one-time password)
    • Password companion
    • Two form-factor authentication (FIDO compliant)
  • Enterprise / Bring Your Own Device  (BYOD) use cases
    • Secure email (encrypt/decrypt/sign)
    • Digital signature of documents
    • Strong authentication to a specific secure zone
  • Device integrity​

Discover our solutions ​​​​​for smartphones:

  • Embedded Secure Elements and Trusted Service Hub 
    Embedded Secure Element​
    and Trusted Service Hub
    Secure your products & services with embedded Secure Elements and Trusted Service Hub
  • UICC and On-Demand Connectivity services 
    On-Demand Connectivity​
    Connect your devices with embedded UICC and On-Demand Connectivity services
  • Middleware offer for applications and secure elements 
    middleware offer

    Discover our middleware offer making the link between any application and our secure elements