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Wearables & NFC Technology

The market of wearable devices is burgeoning and promising. With shipment forecasts at 12,16 million units in 2019 versus 45,7 million units in 2015 according to IDC (source: IDC Worldwide Quaterly Wearable Device Tracker, March 2015), it is an appealing new revenues stream for  both consumer electronics manufacturers and fashion industry players (jewelry, clothes, etc.).
Competition is fierce and available products are very diverse: from smart watches to smart glasses, wristbands and accessories, standalone or paired with a smartphone or a tablet. The field for innovation seems infinite but the wearable makers will face several challenges in the coming months:

  • ​​How to create a "must-have" device, that stands out among so many others available on the market?
  • How to make sure the next generation of wearable devices will be worn by the end-users for longer than 3 months?
  • How to guarantee data privacy to your customers?


Add value for your consumers with security, NFC and cellular subscription management:

Gemalto offers innovative solutions to bring more value to end users with new use cases based on security, NFC and cellular subscription management. These will give device makers keys to differentiate their wearable devices in such a competitive landscape and reach specific markets e.g. enterprise segment.

  • Contactless payment
  • Access control (transport ticketing, events)
  • Secure online authentication and payment
    • Biometrics-based solution
    • OTP authentication (one-time password)
    • Password companion
    • Two form-factor authentication (FIDO compliant)
  • Enterprise / BYOD use cases
    • Secure email (encrypt/decrypt/sign)
    • Digital signature of documents
    • Strong authentication to a specific secure zone 
  • ​Connectivity management to cellular networks​​

Discover our solutions ​for wearables:

  • Embedded Secure Elements and Trusted Service Hub 
    Embedded Secure Element and Trusted Service Hub
    Secure your products & services with embedded Secure Elements and Trusted Service Hub.
  • UICC and On-Demand Connectivity services 
    Embedded UICC and ​On-Demand Connectivity
    Connect your devices with embedded UICC and On-Demand Connectivity services.
  • ​​​Wearable Form Factors
    Wearable Form Factors

    Easily implement payment function in your wearables with Optelio Wearable products.

Discover Li​mmex smart watch example​​​


  • Gemalto brings trust to your wearables and consumer electronics devices

    Discover how Gemalto can help your wearable become as smart and convenient as your smartphone. With Gemalto embedded SIM (eSIM) and On-Demand Connectivity services, your wearable can connect to 3G/4G networks, and make and receive calls without a smartphone. You can also pay with your wearable in shops, use public transport and enjoy seamless corporate services thanks to the credentials stored in Gemalto’s embedded Secure Element (eSE) and the applications you have selected via our Trusted Service Hub.

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