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Bonaverde teams up with Gemalto to disrupt the coffee ecosystem with IoT innovation

Coffee is more than just a jump-start to the morning routine. It's a sacred ritual, an excuse to meet with friends and a passion for epicureans who enjoy the complex flavors coffee beans provide. It's also a powerful economic force and one of the most valued traded commodities in the world second only to oil. Unfortunately, the coffee value chain represents a long journey that leaves some participants with only a small percentage of the profit. Bonaverde, a Berlin based tech start-up, is changing all this: they're using the IoT to disrupt the ecosystem and propose a new way for coffee to be traded, brewed, perceived and enjoyed.

Bonaverde teamed up with Gemalto to enable secure IoT connectivity for the centerpiece of its groundbreaking system - the first Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine. This smart coffee maker monitors and manages all aspects of brewing the freshest and fairest pot of coffee while staying connected to the Bonaverde Coffee Cloud. The system allows consumers to easily order green coffee beans straight from their preferred farmers. The coffee maker correlates data from the cloud to prepare a perfectly roasted, ground and brewed cup of coffee. More than just a coffee maker, the Bonaverde system and Coffee Cloud allow users to automatically reorder beans when supplies are running low, connect with one another, share recipes, opinions on favorite beans and farmers and their love of coffee. The possibilities for the Bonaverde system are very exciting! Thousands of farmers and consumers have already signed up. In just six months, the company has garnered a dedicated and involved customer base of more than 10,000 coffee lovers.

With decades of experience in IoT and digital security, Gemalto was the ideal partner to complement Bonaverde’s ambitious start-up vision, Gemalto’s expert consulting helped us from the very beginning. First, they carefully studied our specific challenges and then offered a complete technology solution for connecting our coffee machines and implementing an intelligent cloud solution that can adapt and scale easily, as the ecosystem expands. said Hans Stier, Founder and CEO at Bonaverde