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Why Thales?

Thales delivers innovative IoT solutions to simplify digital transformation and help customers master decisive moments. We empower customers to create solutions that solve today's most pressing challenges and accelerate business success. Customers trust our technology, services and expertise to guide every step of the IoT journey toward a more connected and intelligent future. 

From the bottom of the oceans to the depths of space and cyberspace, Thales solutions Connect assets to wireless networks and cloud platforms, Manage the long lifecycle of IoT solutions, Secure devices and data, and Analyze real-time data transforming it into business intelligence that improves decision making. Our 360o approach provides the essential building blocks needed to simplify design, streamline development and accelerate time-to-market for new solutions that improve health, enhance safety and save energy and the environment.  

Trust Thales to transform your business with the power of the IoT.  

Innovative Big data integration

Rich expertise ingesting and analyzing huge quantities of data at lightning speed.
Utilize edge-analytics for optimal response time wherever you need it.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI reasoning to understand unknowns, predict outcomes and prescribe the best possible action.
Kick-start your business application with built-in AI.

Fast time to value

Out-of-the-box business solutions  built on an open, extensible and modular fabric
Develop your own AI app using our analytics accelerators or use our purpose-built solutions.

Thales Connects  

Our Cinterion® products are at the heart of the IoT securely connecting billions of things worldwide. For a quarter of a century, Thales has been driving IoT innovation with a record number of first-to-market Cinterion IoT Modules, Terminals, Modem Cards, SIMs and eSIMs. Our comprehensive product portfolio delivers future-proof, reliable cellular connectivity anywhere in the world. 

Thales Manages

IoT technology is built for the long haul and devices require product, network and security updates along the way. Thales IoT Services manage the long lifecycle of IoT solutions with platforms to remotely Update, Control, Secure and Manage devices and network subscriptions. Quick platform onboarding and tight integration to Cinterion hardware dramatically simplifies IoT technology and reduces time-to-market. 

Thales Secures

Thales brings trust to an increasingly connected world. Digital security is in our DNA. Our IoT Security solutions and services strongly protect IoT devices, ensures data confidentiality and integrity and safeguards and simplifies cloud platform onboarding. 

Thales Analyses

Only Thales delivers the Guavus platforms and deep expertise in analytics applications and artificial intelligence to interpret IoT big data, allowing customers to take decisive action in real-time. Thales analytics streamlines the complex IoT ecosystem for customers and gives a tremendous boost to digital transformation across all industries.  

Thales helps businesses and industries unleash the transformative power of the IoT supporting every step of the IoT journey with expertise, passion and innovative solutions and services that allow businesses to thrive.  

Trust Thales to accelerate your business with the power of innovative IoT technology.