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Briowireless and Gemalto Developing the Next Generation of Cellular Devices

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Briowireless, a leading manufacturer of standard and customized wireless communications devices serving the IoT M2M markets, uses Gemalto IoT modules to provide wireless connectivity for products in every sphere of the electronics industry, including industrial, agriculture and consumer products.

Sylvian Ainsley, CTO at Briowireless explains the benefits of partnering with Gemalto, which includes highest quality hardware, fast and easy approvals and outstanding engineering support with very technical questions and concerns. Thanks to Gemalto’s standardized module footprint and pin lay out, Briowireless is able to develop a customer solution today that maintains the same product design with next generation iterations because Gemalto IoT modules always fit into the product the same way. As IoT security concerns continue to gain traction, the company is excited to integrate the Gemalto Secure Element to protect and defend the integrity of device data.

We ask a lot of very technical questions and Gemalto always responds quickly with expert advice. We are really excited about the Secure Element and trying it in our next generation of products. Security is the biggest IoT trend for the coming years and the Secure Element is the building block to the highest level of security for Briowireless. Sylvian Ainsley, CTO, Briowireless, Inc