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Cinterion® IoT Modem Cards

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Instant LTE Connectivity for Industrial IoT Applicationsiot modem card

Gemalto's family of Cinterion IoT Modem Cards delivers instant access to both LTE cellular and 5G networks for a range of industrial IoT applications like vending machines or digital signage, routers and gateways. The easy to integrate device easily plugs into an existing card slot. The modem cards use a variety of Cinterion IoT Modules to provide reliable and secure connectivity to meet diverse solution needs. 

For PCIe card slots the modem cards range from LTE Cat 1 for applications not dependent on speed such as smart vending machines to ultra-high-speed LTE Advanced for industrial routers, kiosk systems and video surveillance applications. For applications requiring Enhanced Mobile Broadband such as high-speed routers, gateways and computing devices, 5G is offered with an M.2 form factor.

Cinterion IoT Modem Cards offer a range of varying features and capabilities including soldered MIMs or plug-in SIMs, integrated GPS, IP services, embedded Java, antenna diagnostics and more. Like all Cinterion products, their rugged design, unparalleled engineering and highest manufacturing standards make them reliable in the most extreme environments and over the long life of any IoT solution.

Flexible, plug and play LTE connectivity ideally suited to industrial IoT

The Cinterion LTE Modem Cards are designed to provide cellular connectivity supporting either LTE Cat 1, Cat 3 or Cat 6 technology requirements. The modem cards share a single PCB design and footprint, making it easy and risk-free to switch from one network standard to another as connectivity needs change.

What is the benefit of Cinterion LTE IoT Modem Cards?

Cinterion LTE Modem Cards quickly plug into existing mini PCIe card slots or M.2 for 5G to provide instant access to cellular networks for any industrial IoT application.

What are the critical features of Cinterion IoT Modem Cards?


  • USB-interface through mPCIe connectors (LTE Cards)
  • U.FL main antenna connector
  • GPS antenna connector
  • Diversity antenna connector
  • 3.3 V power supply
  • 3FF "micro-SIM" cardholder


  • 5G/4G/3G Multi-mode module with M.2 form factor, optimized for IoT and eMBB applications
  • Worldwide coverage in single SKU
  • Support SA and NSA
  • Smallest 5G M.2 data card 30 x 42 mm
  • Optional mmWave support
  • 4x4 MIMO (4 antenna interfaces)
  • Dual-frequency GNSS 
  • Dual SIM with embedded eSIM support

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