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VoLTE for LTE Cat. 1

ELS31 Module


With the sunset of 2G and 3G networks on the horizon, the IoT industry is quickly migrating to LTE to improve reliability and ensure the longevity of technology investments. Highly efficient LTE Cat. 1 is the favored connectivity choice for industrial applications that are not dependent on speed but that still require the reliability of 4G.

Gemalto has demonstrated how leading edge Cinterion™ VoLTE Cat. 1 modules are helping bring 4G IoT solutions to the next level offering simultaneous voice and data over IoT-optimized LTE for the first time. Delivering simplified end user control and advanced audio capabilities, the Cinterion modules are ideal for applications that depend on regular human interaction such as alarms systems, mHeatlh monitoring devices, smart home solutions and more. In addition, the modules deliver greater cost efficiency and optimized connection speeds compared to traditional VoIP services.

A recent whitepaper by Strategy Analytics highlights the role of speech, the most efficient means of human communication, in the IoT. As the IoT expands and spreads into new areas connecting machines to machines to people, VoLTE Cat. 1 technology will expand our ability to collaborate, communicate and interact - both from a human and machine perspective. Download “The Role of Voice in IoT Applications” here or you can read a related blog post here