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  • 面倒な手間は一切なし もっと楽しく

    次世代のスポーツ観戦スタイルのキックオフ - NFC、モバイルアプリケーション、スマートイベントプラットフォームで実現



  • Delivering Digital Identity White Paper Thumbnail

    Delivering Digital ID – Why Banks should act now

    With new regulations coming such as PSD2 and GDPR, Banks are in a unique position to take advantage of the infrastructure they are putting in place to become major drivers in Digital ID. Discover more thanks to the following WP made in collaboration with Consult Hyperion

    Download the Delivering Digital ID white paper
  • Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Award for Gemalto PURE

    Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Award for Gemalto PURE

    The Customer Value Leadership Award is granted by Frost & Sullivan to Gemalto PURE based on an independent analysis and Evaluation of two key factors—Customer Impact and Business Impact. Full detailed report available here.

    Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Award for Gemalto PURE [PDF - 1.2mb]

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  • ジャパンネット銀行様がEzio Display Cardを採用した理由

  • 紛失・盗難に遭った決済カードを24時間以内に再発行

  • Octopusのある生活


  • Posted on Aug 24, 2018

    Bringing financial institutions’ customer experience into the connected era with instant issuance

    To compete in today’s connected world, financial institutions need to offer personalized, convenient experiences. Issuing payment cards is one area which can be easily transformed.

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