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Características de seguridad de los documentos: Todos para uno y uno

Security features 

The increase in international travel, the growing threats resulting from terrorism, and the high levels of identity fraud and illegal immigration mean that our travel, identity and health documents must be highly secure.

At Gemalto, we take these threats seriously and guarantee that the selected secure document is reliable, through the use of technologies and materials that are difficult to copy, use and find.

The security features can be public or they can be hidden, they can be visible or invisible.

The traditional high security features available for all Gemalto documents include guilloché background printing, rainbow printing, invisible or mixed fluorescent printing in visible ink, gravure printing and microprinting, Ink Variable Optics (OVI) and modified sources, to name just a few. These security features can be found, for example, in the Swedish Passport .

Unique document security features

At Gemalto we recommend data pages or 100%  polycarbonate cards, solid tamper proof cards that are impossible to delaminate and that allow the deployment of unique security features.

  • A robust and visible security feature is the Gemalto Window, a transparent window created inside the card that makes copying impossible and allows for quick verification. Laser engraving and various optical elements can also be combined inside the window. Any attempt by counterfeiters to manipulate the document will be immediately visible.
  • Window Lock  is a highly innovative security concept that is easy to see and verify at a glance.
  • True Vision  reveals bright images in true color under UV light.
  •  Gemalto's new family of innovative Secure Surface features improves the security of polycarbonate identity documents, through the combination of different effects: light reflection, movement and tactile effects.
  • Unique in the market, Edge Sealer is a laser engraving process applied during the customization stage. The documents are laser engraved with marks along the edge of the document, which adds an additional layer of security. Laser engravings are perfectly related to the personal information of the owner, with the name, serial number or other unique information. To make counterfeiting even more difficult, the Laser Sealer featureensures that criminals can not change or add information recorded in laser after personalization. The image, signature or data recorded by laser are digitally manipulated to include a slightly visible security mark. The post laser process will be revealed in the document by visible marks.
  • Color Laser Shield is the first laser printing solution that offers a color image unalterable, combined with the high security and exceptional durability of polycarbonate in the customization stage. 


Sealys Window 

Sealys Window

The Swedish eID (zoom on CLI) 

(zoom IN CLI)

Sealys Edge Sealer 

Sealys Edge Sealer

Sealys Color in Polycarbonate 



Gemalto's secure documents   have the highest level of electronic security, due to their operating systems for electronic passports and other electronic identity documents, which further improves the security of the document itself.

As you will see on our website, Gemalto has a wide variety of innovative security features available. These features are customizable according to your needs.

Specific design of the document for your project

Our knowledge is combined with the advice and close cooperation of experts in security and forensic laboratories, as well as the know-how of the Gemalto engineering team.

We offer extensive experience and extensive support so that our clients meet their expectations of different and robust documents that are as safe as attractive. As a result, we are proud to have designed some of the safest and most attractive passports, identity cards and driver's licenses of recent years.

Collaboration with the customer is at the center of our process. Therefore, we share with you our best practices in the Guide to the design of passport security ,  published by Gemalto in September 2016.