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Guide to successful enterprise IoT deployments

​​The benefits for enterprises in deploying successful Internet of Things solutions are potentially huge: cost savings, new income streams, efficient business processes and happier customers.

However, when it comes to developing enterprise IoT solutions such as predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, fleet management or building management, there   is a lot to consider and the idea can be daunting at first. 

With this in mind, we have developed a paper to assist those thinking about how the Internet of Things can aid their organizations. The report outlines the opportunity that the new levels of connectivity bring, and helps demystify what it takes to deploy an enterprise IoT solution.

In order to plan a successful enterprise IoT deployment is crucial to recognize that each use-case is not the same: for smaller scale projects opting for a partially pre designed and pre-certified endpoint solution rather than a bespoke development can result in significant savings, both in terms of costs and time.

Cinterion M2M Terminals work out of the box to quickly and easily add M2M connectivity to smart enterprise applications.

Benefits of using Gemalto Cinterion®
IoT Terminals to connect your industrial applications vs a fully bespoke design deployment

  • Deployment time cut by 60%
  • Simply focus on the software
  • Virtually zero design time, no hardware skills, minimal integration effort and no costly approvals 

  Check our infographic for a quick overview of 
enterprise IoT deployments - Fast track your success in the booming IoT space


CUT by 60%

For more insights on how to accelerate your own IOT project just download the full whitepaper detailing best practices and additional information