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Mobile payments are quickly gaining acceptance across the globe. Whether it's NFC enabled smartphones that facilitate secure payments with the tap of a device, M2M-enabled contactless Point of Sale (POS) terminals, or embedded payment solutions used in connected cars and eVehicle charging stations, mobile payments are becoming more prevalent in countries worldwide. Paying for taxis, trains, groceries and at restaurants is just a quick tap away with Gemalto's secure, pioneering mobile payment and smart card technology. Gemalto is the leading M2M technology provider for POS​ terminals and its Cinterion M2M solutions, service and platforms are the key to:​

Highly flexible POS systems

Gemalto M2M enabled wireless POS devices can be installed easily without the need for telephone phone lines. Or they can be installed as a supplement to conventional lines to avoid overloading any one system for complete flexibility and reliability.

Efficient remote maintenance

Vending machines inventory and payments, ticketing machine sal​​​es and payment for transport can be securely facilitated and monitored with Gemalto M2M solutions and services. 

Secure transactions

As the world leader in digital security, Gemalto Cinterion M2M products offer robust, secure, and dependable solutions to facilitate unlimited mobile payment transactions. With unrivaled global expertise and support, Gemalto offers comprehensive integration services to help you go to market quickly.​