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Securing the Smart Energy & Metering ecosystem


Smart metering for smart energy

In the age of the IoT, the energy market is in the midst of massive transformation, as it rapidly evolves into a vast connected grid. 

Smart meters, included in these smart grids are becoming industry standard and deployments are growing across the globe. They offer better management of energy networks and more efficient energy usage for consumers.

In the EU alone, 200 million smart meters for electricity and 45 million for gas will be installed by 2020 according to a study from the Commission. On a global scale, 14% of all meters (electricity, gas, and water) are now smart meters in 2019. Penetration in North America and Europe is already in the 30-40% range.

At the same time, renewable energy sources are on the rise. 

New players and private citizens are joining the energy marketplace as they deploy solar and wind installations, while the spread of electric vehicles and next-generation car batteries provides a new means of energy storage. 

The result?

The Internet of Energy (IoE)

We’re in the midst of an exciting smart energy transformation where the IoT is enabling compelling new business models that support an increasingly complex energy infrastructure. 

Gemalto is at the center of this evolution providing solutions, services, and platforms that Connect, Secure and Monetize the “Internet of Energy.”

Gemalto IoT modules keep meters connected

Gemalto IoT connectivity solutions serve as the backbone of a secure smart energy ecosystem providing highly efficient, secure wireless connectivity for smart meters and connected energy assets. 

Reliable in the most extreme environments, Gemalto IoT modules provide reliable wireless Internet access ensuring real-time data transfer for smart meters, solar panels and load balancing and fault diagnosis solutions. 

Solutions leverage a range of technologies including:

Streamlining deployment and keeping smart grids connected

Gemalto helps solve the long-time challenge of connecting smart meters and energy assets with preferred service providers with its GSMA certified-Demand Connectivity solution

By combining an eUICC and a remote subscription management solution to securely download Mobile Network Operator (MNO) credentials at the time of deployment instead of at the time of manufacturing, deployment, and service management are greatly simplified.


How Gemalto secures the smart energy ecosystem

As the world leader in digital security, Gemalto offers a suite of security hardware solutions, platforms and consulting services to keep data, devices, and networks secure. 

Gemalto’s industry-unique smart energy cyber-security​ solution solves security challenges specific to smart energy by providing hardened cryptographic solutions (HSMs) and BSI​-certified embedded ​Secure Elements (SEs) plus leading-edge authentication and encryption technology with digital code signing certificates. 

This ensures metering data is received from a legitimate source while safeguarding against data tampering and fraud at all points. 

There's more.

The solution solves lifecycle management challenges by facilitating remote dynamic key and credential updates and authorizations without the need to update equipment in the field. 

The Gemalto smart metering security solution acts as a safe certificate authority to guard keys and credentials, keeping utilities protected against ever-evolving cyber threats. 

Unfaltering security ensures stakeholders can trust in the evolving smart energy landscape.

New business models, flexible pricing, efficient invoicing

Gemalto enabled solutions provide accurate, up-to-the-minute production and consumption data making billing more transparent and less confusing for all ecosystem players. 

It allows utility companies the flexibility to automatically adapt pricing schemes to match seasonal and off-peak demand to give consumers the best pricing possible. 

In addition, Gemalto secure software allows new energy players to buy and sell energy to other ecosystem stakeholders driving new business models that benefit the entire marketplace.

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