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Simplifying your IoT Journey with reliable connectivity and automated IoT services

​​​​Getting started in IoT can be a lot like completing an obstacle course. Gemalto helps simplify the ​journey.​​

Simplifying the IoT journey for IoT new adopters. Gemalto offers ready-to-connect devices, connectivity modules and terminals to help IoT service providers save time-to-market when developing IoT solutions.

​The shift from M2M to IoT

As billions of new objects get connected, the marketplace is shifting from connecting objects to private servers, to connecting swarms of smart objects to each other as well as to multiple servers and cloud platforms. What used to be a private connected environment is moving to a huge and complex ecosystem comprised of various stakeholders, who benefit from sharing data.

Streaming data from billions of devices provides valuable insight into dynamic markets helping to develop new business models and revenue streams.​

Gemalto simplifies the IoT for you

This evolving and complex ecosystem can be difficult for new IoT developers and device makers to navigate. Despite a wonderful idea, they may not know where to begin to connect smart objects and take advantage of the data they can communicate. And things can get even more complicated when dealing with a large fleet of devices, designed to work in remote locations for many years.

With 20 years experience in the M2M and IoT ecosystem, Gemalto is the right partner to help you make the right choices.

​​Building and rolling out IoT applications easier and faster

To streamline the launch of IoT solutions, Gemalto help businesses identify the best connectivity option to meet specific industry and scalability needs, ensuring secure, future-proof connectivity along with long-running services.

Gemalto offers a comprehensive portfolio of ruggedized modules and terminals, SIMs and MIMs, simplified network subscription management and IoT services platforms for effective remote     device lifecycle management and monitoring of device connectivity in real-time. 

Thanks to its extensive IoT solutions and set of tools, Gemalto helps businesses scale over time while remaining flexible and agile, to make the most of the IoT. Our solutions help simplify your device-to-cloud journey.